Hey Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that the Vote Panel has been added to the WoWFeenix server!

Thanks to voting for our server, you can receive unique prizes.

By the way, today a few interesting changes have been introduced, and all from today you can easily browse through the newly added changelog website.

We are very grateful that you allow us to develop this project anyway, and you can see that the new Feenix is ​​more than just a server. Together, you create an amazing community for which we really want to develop this project.

After receiving from you a really large number of messages, on our mailbox and messages sent by Facebook messenger, we decided to restore the Archangel server in this December. All this was caused by a new member of the Feenix Crew, who has a lot of knowledge and experience on The Burning Crusade expansion and will support us in fixing the bugs, and will provide a playable source code, where it will be possible to open this server in this December. More information about Archangel realm very soon.

In the meantime, we would like to congratulate all those who have joined by their own effort to our Hall of Fame page.