It's time to give you more information about the upcoming Alpenglow realm. There's not much time left to launch, and our team works without breaks to make sure that everything will go as smooth as possible. Today, we want to present you some information and changes that we decided to make.

First of all, Feenix Token. As you know, this is the system by which veterans of the Feenix and Elune Bay servers will not be forced to start from the beginning. We know how much time and sacrifice your characters cost you, that's why we do not want your commitment to be forgotten.

The token will allow you to boost one character to level 60. Such characters will receive the best possible items for lvl 59 for their class and specialization and two professions at the maximum level. As for rouges, they will also receive the poisons skill at the maximum level. These characters will also receive 100% race mount and 4x 16 slot bags.

We already made a list of characters eligible to give you the token. Do not get us wrong. These characters will not be transferred. You will receive a token for these characters. All players to whom these characters belong will also receive an email to the address provided when registering the account on which the character was created. Below you'll find lists of those characters.

Feenix (3195 characters) - Click to see the list Elune Bay (104 characters) - Click to see the list

All Feenix accounts have been transferred and you can log in to them, however only those who have reached level 60 for at least one character will receive prizes. However, when it comes to accounts with Elune Bay, only accounts that are eligible for the prize are transferred (minimum one character at level 20). Other players must create new accounts on our site.

Another issue is the cost of training. We decided that all skills will be free and class quests will be removed. Instead, all skills will be available to learn from class trainers. We made this decision due to the fast leveling process and the small amount of gold that goes with it in the early game phase.

And the final thing - changes regarding Item Packs. Listening to your opinions, we came to the conclusion that item packs should be limited to only 6. So characters will receive them every 10 levels (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60). In each of them will be the basic equipment so that the game (despite the fast leveling process which results in lack of gear) does not force you to farm low level mobs to get equipment. Also have in mind that you won't be able to sell or disenchant items from Item Packs.