Good day.

It's been 10 days since the opening of our project, it's impossible to hide that the whole project went in a different direction than expected by each of us and each of you. We are after several important conversations and several in-depth analyzes of the Elune Bay project. We are forced and we are going to take a few key decisions about the project so that its poor results do not mean its end.

Starting from the very beginning, namely the period before the opening of our server, people who play or played a larger or smaller part in the scene of private World of Warcraft servers contacted us. It is a pity to admit it, but as their assumptions, Alpenglow realm turned out to be a failure, not a success.

Its failure consisted of many factors. We have to be honest with ourself and others, so we must openly admit that well-run projects that were created before the opening of Elune Bay, like TurtleWoW or Light’s Hope are run neatly and appropriately, we can not count on the takeover of any playerbase, because no one is going to waste time on a server that offers nothing new, nothing that can distinguish it - we are talking about the game itself, not the level of moderating it. It should be added here that Blizzard also officially invites you to participate in the World of Warcraft Classic demo, and it is not surprising that the projects that only offer Vanilla have their expiry date set for the opening day of the official Classic.

Therefore, no one should be surprised by the summary of all this, the conclusions are very simple: Nobody will devote so much time to such a small server population, with other good projects that are run right with such devotion and with the upcoming Classic. You can stand here on the head, and the real effect of the Alpenglow will be the same, negligible.

Nevertheless, we can not give up, so we decided to analyze again, peacefully the entire scene of private World of Warcraft servers that currently live and those that unfortunately ended their stories in an unnatural or non-obvious way. This has led us to contact people who have run large projects on the scene of private World of Warcraft servers. After several conversations that were not easy, we decided to cooperate with one of these people.

Everything will be explained in the next part, our further plan will be written in black and white.

Going straight to the point, we managed to get in touch with a member of, already unavailable project, Feenix. We learned quite a lot about it, how much this person had responsibilities and how much he had on his head, why this project was interrupted and why it all ended. Although the players of this project themselves did not get explanations about the causes of its end, we can explain it a bit, because we are going to do something bigger and we care about proper and well-run project. One thing is certain, MrSanten was the most involved person in the whole project and did all the work that was required from him. The project was killed after one of the meetings, during which MrSanten himself decided to end the cooperation with lazy and irresponsible people, because as he described it, he had no more strength to ask for help in the aspects of helping the servers community. In the end, he ran the whole Feenix project himself . So far, he has a deep regret to the other project leaders that he was really alone in the end, because everyone gave up the project, that he really cared for. You can believe it or not, but this story has a much larger sentence. We do not want to tell too much, so it's best to talk to him personally.

Finally, we came to an agreement that in exchange for restoring the Feenix project and the involvement of our entire administration, we will receive a full project base in order to continue working on it. We belong to honest people and we believe that this is one of the most important aspects of project management. That's why we can not bring back the Feenix project without the time devoted to its life by the whole community.

We are well aware of the disadvantages of the Feenix project and everything that was wrong with it and what deep defects it had. We intend to make a few big changes so that nobody will feel aggrieved, nobody from the Feenix project, no one from the Elune Bay project.

Therefore, our provisions are as follows:

# Domain, will be replaced by the domain
# Domains and will redirect the entire project to the new domain
# The realm name of Warsong, will be replaced by the name Alpenglow.
# We will add some of our changes, which after analysis together with MrSanten should be introduced, and they were a torment on Feenix:

# 1 Total lack of progressive content. We're opening everything, we're not going to block anything. (It makes no sense to block content when Blizzard is at the stage of releasing classic versions of servers.)

** Each raid except Molten Core and Onyxia will beavailable with Attunements, which should be obtained by guilds and will be assigned to them. This means that each subsequent raid requires the completion of the previous one. This will be kept, at the level closest to the Blizzlike level, Attunement will unlock every next raid.

Attunements are assigned to the guild, not to the character, so the guild that won it on group A can also use it on group B.

# 2 We will add the Hall of Fame, which was introduced in realm Alpenglow. (We really want to distinguish people who have worked on the success of their own guilds and introduce a greater number of opportunities to win and stand out.
# 3 Experience and Quest rate are, at the level of x12 - exactly what it looked like, on the previous version of Warsong. (It really does not make sense to force people who are waiting for the Classic edition to get back to leveling up again.) We leave the opportunity to enjoy the end game with everyone in a short time and, above all, the opportunity to prepare for the official Classic servers.)
# 4 Feenix custom changes, some remain, some are going to be changed or improved. Those will definitely stay:
~ 20 minutes Hearthstone Cooldown,
~ Dual Talent (For everyone for the Vote and Donate points, the first gives the opportunity to get the dual talent function completely free, in a relatively short time not longer than 14 days).

We’re changing:

~ x2 Honor Rates x2 Profession Rates x2 Loot Rates: Everything goes up to level x1.
(We want to keep several aspects of the game so that players have the opportunity to get used to the Blizzlike level and will not be disgusted by resistance after switching to the official version of the game.)
~ Multiboxing: We do not intend to introduce the possibility of multiboxing, we are well aware that this was possible on the previous version of the Feenix project, unfortunately we are not going to allow it.

We’re adding:

~ Item Pack: Our change that will keep the drop values ​​at x1 and enjoy the normal game when leveling. Item pack is a package that each player will receive automatically after getting one of the following levels: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60. - Basic equipment will be prepared in each package, ie: chest, legs, gloves, back, head + weapon.

Finally, Feenix project administration.

Our Administration has been regrouped, and people who did not help at all in the project were removed from it

The new Administration will include:
Freddy - current Administrator of Elune Bay,
Dylan - current Project Manager of Elune Bay,
Clementine - current Developer of Elune Bay,
CryWolf - current Game Master of Elune Bay,
Dioporc - current Game Master of Elune Bay,
MrSanten - former WoWfeenix project manager.

As you can see, several people from our project have been removed for low commitment, and we acquired a new member of the Administration, who will help us run everything at a higher level than we could achieve.

The rest of the people who participated in the Feenix project will never be invited, because they do not bring anything positive, as well as MrSanten himself does not intend to cooperate with them, which could have contribute to worse effect of the server.

Going forward, that’s of course, not everything. We set a few conditions that had to be met so that the players in our project who really counted on us and the injured players from the Feenix project will be rewarded for their own contribution.

Finally, people who meet the following conditions, which are obviously different for Elune Bay and for WoWFeenix players, will be rewarded with a token, which allows you to increase the level up to 60, and gives you the right to purchase two professions and receive basic equipment at the level - not higher than D1.

Conditions for receiving a Feenix project token:

-Having a character at level 60,
-No punishments on the account.

Conditions for receiving a token for the Elune Bay project:

-Having a character equal to or above level 20,
-No punishments on the account.

Tokens will be automatically assigned to the first character created. We will also add video instructions on how to use it, there is no possibility to receive tokens for another account.

All accounts from the Elune Bay database will be included in the Feenix account database, and the accounts that have identical names on the EluneBay and Feenix will not be included in order to be consistent in the data. In these cases, the token will be sent to the e-mail address, of course, if that account meets the conditions to get it. People with accounts that did not meet the requirements to receive the token, and existed with the same name in the Feenix database - unfortunately they will not be able to transfer at all.

The entire list of characters who will be eligible to receive the token will be published on our forum within next 7 days.

The opening of the Alpenglow realm on the Feenix project is planned for November 16 at 20:00 CET. This will allow us to calmly prepare all hybrid projects and inform everyone about the above-mentioned changes.

In addition, we are pleased to inform you that our cooperation, at this moment, looks very good and that's why we decided to resume work on the Archangel - The Burning Crusade x14 realm. We will give you more information about its start soon.

From tomorrow we intend to use Feenix Discord and their site on Facebook / Twitter / YouTube. All information will be provided on a regular basis.

Alpenglow realm will be closed today at 23:59 CET so you still have some time to get to level 20.