• What's Feenix?

      Feenix is one of the oldest pivate World of Warcraft servers with best community and devoted players. Players always had an influence on the project and all important decisions were made with their permission.

    • Our Team

      Most of our team is from Elune Bay project. Old Feenix team was corrupted and dishonest. There was only a one member who cared for the community - MrSanten. He was the one who tried to save the project. He contacted us and we decided to help Feenix players and revive the server.

    • Discord

      If you want to talk with our team members visit our discord server at Feenix Discord

    • Forum

      Don't forget to register on our forum! You can post topics about your gameplay and suggestions for our crew there. Just go to Feenix Community

    • Alpenglow

      Alpenglow is our Vanilla realm. The name was originally used on our Elune Bay project. We decided to name the Feenix realm the same so both Feenix and Elune players will find us.

    • What rates are on Alpenglow?

      Experience rates (multiplier) and quest experience rate: x12

      Honor, profession and loot rates will stay at x1. Just like it was on Blizzard Vanilla realms.

    • Multiboxing

      Multiboxing is prohibited on Alpenglow realm! Only one session can be active at the same time per player.

    • Hall of Fame

      Hall of Fame is a way to distinguish the best and most determined players on our server. This is a list of special achievements that can be gained by only one person / guild who is the first to meet the requirements of a given achievement.

    • Custom Changes

      We will keep some Feenix custom changes like 20 minutes Hearthstone Cooldown, Dual Specialization, Item Packs.

    • Dual Specialization

      This system will allow you to have two specializations (for example, Holy and Prot Paladin) without need to train your skills again. You'll be able to unlock this feature using vote or donation points (unlock once and have it forever).

    • Item Packs

      We know how important gear is. When you're leveling on highrate (realm with fast experience gain) you don't have enough time to get it. That's why we added an Item Packs system. You'll get a crate with basic gear at level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. This way you will not have to worry about low lvl mobs killing you.

    • Feenix / Elune Bay Tokens

      Connection between player and his character is strong. That's why we want to give some reward to old Feenix and Elune Bay players. If you had lvl 60 character on Feenix or lvl 20+ character on Elune Bay you'll get a special token that will allow you to boost one of your characters to lvl 60. Just log in with your old login and password.

    • Shop

      We will implement the shop but it'll not be pay to win. You'll find vanity items, player services like name change or race change there.